Tips For Developing A Better Design Outlook

What purpose does the design serve? Why do you need a design? Imagine your website without the design element? I hope your imagination must have let you down. Every brand either it is a product or service is always seeking for attention in the marketplace.

The essence of designs makes a brand stand apart and high in the competitive industry. Creative designs have always let brands rise high and look attractive. There is no such magic or standard rules to make a design look great. As viewers, we do not get attracted to common designs nor even like to view it for more than a second. A good design enlightens the brand, carves uniqueness and exudes positivity for most of the people.


Good designs have always been setting a challenging benchmark for other designs. Here are few tips to develop a better design to challenge other designs.

Tip 1

Keep a Broad Focus:

A designer has no boundaries, don’t design within creative blocks. For a better design, keep a broad vision and explore. By maintaining a broad perspective, a designer delves into a full range of ideas and designs in the world.


Everything changes so fast, and if you want to be in the race, you need to have profound knowledge about your work. Read and learn about new design, ideas and trends.

The design software is just tools, relying on them would net let you think out of the box. A good design is not available on any graphic designs sites, nor on the Photoshop or Illustrator. It is right there in your head.

Thinking out of the box, being creative and researching is a designer’s state of mind. A designer who has a broad vision, observant, seeks inspiration are the ones who are always improving their work and looking for better ways to do things.


Design in Context:

We like to be amazed; a good design reflects the value and benefits of the product or service. A design that has no clue to what the brand is about is an unsuccessful design. A broad focus is meant to have the clarity to create a meaningful design that is relevant in context with your brand. A good design merely does expect to achieve trendy visual prominence, but an artwork with creative brilliance reflects your brand.

Tip 3

Learn Design Theory:


“Every artist was first an amateur “- Ralph Waldo Emerson

A design with harmony is the most satisfied and contented design for the viewers. Learn to use the six key points of Gestalt Theory in your design work.

A good design has similarity, continuation, proximity and symmetry. A symmetric design makes us understand about the product or services and hold customer’s attention. When considering the design of your projects, test your designs before finalizing them and analyze how everything fits in harmony.

It is also one of the finest methods to check your designs practically if it gives a soothing effect to your vision or not. This process of refinement is the one that leads to a good design. Moreover, it is the human nature that needs to feel contented, and a good design does all that.


These tips are just a guidance for your design world. They are more like actions that a designer needs to follow regularly. Knowledge is endless, learn new techniques, improve your style and share with others. A design could be a web design or a logo design and no matter, how good you are, you still need to study the design theory on a timely basis to make progress. A professional designer is the one who learns from his past work and observes the progressive difference among all his previous projects to the new ones.


About Carissa Melvin:

Carissa Melvin is a young and an active blogger and a singer. She works at a creative and custom logo design company as a Digital Marketer, and she loves her job role. She is a team player and her creativity and passion for work is remarkable.