Tips For Recruiting Tech Talent In Competitive Areas

Many today want to participate in the many ways technology is changing our future. Jobs in this industry are now higher than they have ever been before. As new technologies are introduced into the market, many more are finding that they can make an enjoyable career from this industry.

This industry presents unique opportunities and challenges for recruiters. While companies may be able to offer ideal candidates superior compensation that most would happily accept, the talent pool for these roles is limited. Ideal candidates, therefore, are often selective when choosing a job.


The Most Competitive Hiring Areas

Unique to this industry is the fact that technology hubs are usually concentrated to certain geographic areas. New companies often decide to stay within one city, usually the ones that hold large amounts of talent in technology.

How to Attract Talent in Competitive Areas

Where there are thriving tech communities, hiring can become frustrating. Many are already happily employed, or currently attempting to land a job with another company in the area. If you are a smaller, local tech company, here are some ways to attract tech candidates:

  • Hire Specialized Recruiters

A recruiter who has experience hiring talent for the technology industry will know how to describe the job correctly, ensuring that people are not turned off by a boring description of the job. Your company will not look professional if the job descriptions are complicated or boring. This type of recruiter will also be able to pull out the right kind of information to determine who the right candidates are for the job.

  • Have a Strong Presence in the Local Tech Scene

Communities that thrive off of the tech scene have a lot of people in them who have similar interests. These same people more than likely meet up to socialize quite often. Finding workshops, meet-up groups, or other social events are great opportunities to make your company known.

Some companies create their own events to attract talented connections and passionate people. Even if your company is not prepared to take on this large of a task, it is still advisable that you send a recruiter to events, in order to test the waters of the candidate pool.

Companies can also market their own products aggressively. Having a popular brand makes it more likely that people will research your company as a potential place to work. Also, if those around you are also in the tech industry, speak about your company and products often, and ask around for who may be searching for their next career. Referral programs can even be set up to connect with qualified people.

It is true that finding good talent in the tech industry can be a challenge. Thinking outside the box and marketing your brand will lead to eager candidates who are ready to join your team.

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