Tools of The Trade – For Modern Students

With the start of the new school year new challenges, stressful exams, long hours and much more await college students eager to start a new semester. Any means to help relieve stress, work or study more efficiently and save time are welcome, and that’s exactly where these gadgets come into play. The modern student is well connected, equipped, informed and much more with a help of just a few gadgets you should check out also, even if you’re not a student anymore!

First off – portable chargers. Even though students usually hang around places with power outlets, a portable charger is never a bad idea. If your battery dies, all of your gadgets and tech suddenly becomes useless and just pieces of plastic. One of the most popular and recommended portable charges today is the Jackery Bar. With a slick design, and light aluminum casing, the Jackery Bar is reliable, light and cheap. You can charge your laptop, tablet or phone anywhere, on campus or off it! The only downside is that there is only one USB port, so charging multiple devices is not an option, but the Jackery Giant provides a solution to this problem.

So now that you’ve got a charger, you need something to charge and what better than a MacBook Pro. The MacBook needs no introduction, an excellently designed, light laptop which will help you take notes, record lectures on its 160GB hard drive, do homework quickly with the help of a dual core processor and much more. Even though laptops have become a staple, and are known for their reliability, more and more students don’t want the hassle of carrying a laptop around everywhere they go, and this is where smaller, more mobile, practical gadgets come into play.

A good example of practical gadget are smartwatches, such as the famous cheat watch. This watch will make your student days easy and carefree. The watch operates on an android OS, and is thus compatible with nearly all of apps in the market, as well as Microsoft office files. It features 4GB of space, a built in camera, a dual core CPU, and it can take calls too! But what sets this watch apart from other smartwatches is its „cheating“ option. It has a built in „panic“ button, which, when pressed exits whatever text or video you were watching, and locks it in normal, clock mode. An easy way to get a little help on a difficult exam.

So now you’ve passed your exam, charged your gadgets and have some leisure time for yourself to enjoy, and, as most students, it’s time to play your favorite album and relax. A nifty solution for not having to carry a bunch of speakers around is the ZVOX Mini speaker. This 33cm wide and 25 tall speaker is quite small, but it packs a punch. It features a built in subwoofer, and three standard speaker drivers. The ZVOX Mini Speaker connects to just about anything, as it will fit inside a standard headphone jack. You won’t even be able to tell the difference from that 5.1 surround you’ve got at home!

These are just a few gadgets that will make a huge difference in your life, more and more devices, such as smart notebooks, tablets, smart pens etc. are flooding the market, and there’s something for everybody, so why not make your life a bit easier?


Article written by Goky Brkic, an avid technology enthusiast and all around gadget addict. He likes writing about IT related topics and contributing to various sites. In free time you can find him cycling or hanging out with friends and family.