Top 12 UI Design Trends for Mobile Apps

The UI (User Interface) works like a cherry on the Cake. Yes!, if Black Forest Cake is one of your favorite desserts, then User interface of the mobile will definitely matter to you. Basically, the User Interface design is the only thing in mobile apps which makes it popular. Although, it keeps changing according to trends as each year comes with something amazing to lure the maximum mobile users. Moreover, the mobile app designers and developers follow the trends to build effective as well attractive mobile apps for the users.

It is very clear, the current year and upcoming year will make some remarkable changes in the design and development without considering user experience. The mobile apps with a dynamic user interface always offer a richer experience to the users. And, on the other end, the various companies or developers have started focusing on the taste of the users. The mobile app design ideas come from the latest trend that is introduced in every session.

Here we are addressing Top 12 UI Design Trends for Mobile Apps, 2018 that you can follow to make your app unique.

Iconic Color

The mobile apps with vibrant colors are now considered by the developers and designers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other are using vibrant color in their apps. By following them, the other companies are also making their apps attractive with such vibrant colors. In addition to this, the color combination can also use to add more flavors in app design.

Material Design

Moreover, the material design with complex and attractive components in mobile apps are now in trend. The material design is available online and the designer can use it for free. The designers can use shadow effect on images to make apps more engaging. The apps with material design look very beautiful and decent.

Overlapping Effects

The overlapping effects are more popular and in trends now, which works perfectly in making apps iconic. The overlapping effects are widely used by designers. The designers can implement overlapping effects on mobile apps by using mobile app design tools that are available on the internet.

Animation Effects

This is the coolest feature of mobile application which is in trend now. The animation effects in mobile apps getting the attention of the users. The Animation effects you can see in Skype app and Twitter app which look pretty amazing during the pages moving. The animation effects developer can use to icons, images, fonts and buttons to make it more impressive.

3D Effects

This feature was first introduced by the Apple couple of years ago, since then it has been in trend. And now, this feature can also see in the Android app as Instagram has this feature in its app which is quite impressive. Several designers are also using 3D effects in their apps to make user the experience more unique.

Custom illustration interfaces

Custom illustration is also followed by the several designers to make app user interface more unique. The custom illustration interfaces like simple style with multicolor, handmade design, hand-drawing and other effects are used by the developer to make mobile app more stunning and noticeable.


There is no doubt in making a different color gradient in the app design.  A good color choice can increase the chances of maximum like. The color gradient can use in background, logos and buttons of the mobile application. This feature is hugely adopting by the designers and will be in trends for many years.

Strong Color or Impressive Font Contrast For Excellent Visibility

The font visibility and strong color matter, whether it is on web or mobile phone. But targeting the mobile app, the demand for it is increasing widely. The decent color along with contrast font gives a stunning look to the app. The most popular apps usually run on single color along with few shades.

Full-Screen Display

The full screen display becomes the choice of everyone. Apple has launched the first borderless display iPhone X which has created a lot of buzz in the country. iPhone X with glitter color user interface has really won many hearts. Moreover, the designers are making their efforts to make app impressive with a vibrant interface for the borderless devices. The apps on borderless devices have the best mobile UI design.

Linear User Flow

Basic images or icons slide will no longer be considered by the users. A liner design with impressive effects is in trend in 2018 and will stay for the upcoming years. The liner user flow allows the user to complete tasks easily. This feature you can see on the various running apps on your mobile phone.


Biometrics, which is known as fingerprint unlock. This feature is very cool and comes in various smart-phones. The developers are using this feature to make your task easy and secure. Apple has introduced face ID unlock system in its flagship smartphone, iPhone X. Apart from that, retina unlock and fingerprint unlock come in Biometrics. Moreover, the biometrics feature is widely used in Banking sector, wallet apps and other financial companies.

Emotional Experience

In the world of mobile applications, 2018 has been the witnessed of various changes in the mobile applications. The Emotional features in the mobile apps have made better way to express the emotions. Apple introduced this feature last year in its phone which response to facial expressions, which becomes the most interesting feature.


Mobile application user interface or design has grown over the years and it increases the comfort level of the users. However, companies and developers across the globe are making their efforts to introduce something new in the mobile app world. To enhance user’s experience, the companies are interacting with latest trends to provide greater functionality, improving performance and easy-to-use interfaces. In addition to the current year, 2019 would definitely make some drastic changes in the technology.


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