Top 5 Apps For Car Owners

We truly live in the age of technology and nowhere is this more noticeable than in our relationship with cars. We have started buying cars online, taking care of our auto insurance online and the cars themselves are getting smarter with each year. We are also seeing increasing influx of apps that make the lives of car owners more comfortable and fun. Today, we will be saying a thing or two about these apps, or at least the best ones available to car owners.

Top 5 Apps for Car Owners

1. TomTom

The vast majority of us uses some kind of GPS navigation when driving and if you do too, then you have probably heard of TomTom. It is, simply put, the best navigation app out there, available for Android and iOS. It is the perfect combination of clutter-free and useful, never distracting you from the act of driving and yet providing you with all kinds of information that other navigation systems don’t provide. For example, it lets you know about any speed cameras in the area, making sure you never get a ticket.

2. Carcorder

Dashcams have become standard equipment in some parts of the world (looking at you Russia) and more and more people everywhere around the world are finding out how useful they can be. Their primary use is in cases of accidents where you have perfect proof that you are not to blame. Progressive insurance companies such as Youi NZ take this into consideration when calculating your premiums for the future and having a dashcam makes sure you are not penalized for something that wasn’t your fault.

Carcorder is an app that turns your phone into a dashcam, which makes it much more affordable than actually buying a cam. It is not half-bad either, allowing you to choose the definition in which to record. Moreover, it tracks your location and tells you when you are speeding.

3. iCarMode

iCarMode is an app that makes your car entertainment easier to use as it turns your mounted iPhone into an entertainment center complete with large buttons that you can use more comfortably than the tiny buttons you usually get for apps like Audible, Spotify and such. It also handles your contacts if you have to make calls from your car. It even features a night mode which will not distract you from driving while still being fully functional. If you have an older car without a built-in digital dashboard, it can truly be a lifesaver.

4. Beat the Traffic

If you live in a large city and you drive to work, the chances are you are wasting half of your life stuck in traffic. Beat the Traffic is an app that ensures you avoid as much of heavy traffic as is possible. It provides crowdsourced updates on traffic jams, bottlenecks and everything else that makes your daily commute a living hell. Its real-time traffic updates are the fastest and the most comprehensive you can get and it lets you report accidents and problems yourself so that your fellow drivers can avoid the same fate.

5. GasBuddy

Depending on how much you cover in your car each day, the amount of money you spend on gas can add up to quite a sizeable sum by the end of each month. The next app on our list, GasBuddy ensures that you are not overpaying for your gas and that you find cheapest gas in your vicinity every single time. The savings may not seem that dramatic at first, but after a while, you start to notice it. Moreover, if you live in the US, you can enter daily $100 competitions if you submit gas prices yourself.