Top 5 Bestselling Budget Laptops

Whenever we plan to buy a laptop, we always want to know that which laptops are trending in market these days. Users always prefer to get the most out of whatever money they are ready to spend, especially when it comes to high-involvement products like laptops. In this article we will provide you with the 5 best-selling laptops available in the Indian electronics market. These laptops do provide a decent set of configuration as per their price and they also have been receiving nice reviews by their buyers. Let us take a look at them in detail and understand how they might land up perfect on your requirements.


This Lenovo laptop is available in the market at an approximate price of 30,000 INR. With its white color body and 15.6 Inch Display, it provides a great body finish to the user. Moreover 1TB of Hard Drive space is also enough to keep all of your relevant or irrelevant data. As far as its performance is concerned then Intel Core i3 processor (@ 1.7 GHz) along with 4GB RAM is pretty common for its price range. However, a USB3.0 port and a dedicated ATI Graphics Card of 2GB is somewhat that differentiates this laptop in this price range.


HP 15-R033TX

This HP laptop has been in good books of most of the consumers and has been more popular than the Lenovo laptop mentioned above (probably due to HP brand leadership in the laptops industry). Now, if we take a look at its configuration then it can be seen that even though it has similar screen size, processor, RAM and other physical dimension but its weight is 30 percent more than that of the Lenovo contender mentioned above. It’s Hard Drive space is 500 GB and has nVidia GeForce GT 820M 2GB DDR3 Graphics card to support little bit of gaming.

Dell Vostro 15 3546 3546345002GU

Dell Laptops are always preferred by customers because of their Superb After-Sales Service and this one hold no exception to that. Its every bit of specification is quite similar to what we have seen with the Lenovo G50-70 but then its Graphics Card is something which is inferior to the two of options mentioned above, it is Intel HD Graphics 4400. The best part about this laptop is its anti-glare backlit LED Screen, which will help in working for longer hours on this laptop.


Now this HP laptop carries a low-set of configuration and hence its price is also really low. With Intel Celron Processor, 2GB of RAM and 14 Inch Display, this laptop lies in the segment of 18,000 INR price range, but still it weighs 3.4 KGs (it seems like a common pattern through all the HP laptops in this price range). There is one thing, which will make you happy and that is its Operating System which is Windows 8.1, hence like all the other laptops mentioned above this one is not a DOS laptop. This is the most important reason for its popularity.

Dell Vostro 14 V3446 3446345002GU

This one has been mainly popular with its light weight which is just 2.2 KGs but then its screen size is also 14 Inches with anti-glare backlit display panel. It also has a dedicated Graphics Card of Nvidia GeForce 2GB LDDR3 like the other 30k INR price range options mentioned above and it comes with Ubuntu (I know it is free but it’s better than DOS). Now, the rest specifications which include processor and RAM are exactly similar to what the majority holds, which is Intel Core i3 and 4GB DDR3.