Top 5 Internet countries In The European Union

The internet has become like a necessity for millions of people around the world. The European Union (EU) region is not left behind in this quest for online information and various countries are upped their game in ensuring fast internet speeds for their citizens.

The European Union has the highest number of countries found in the world’s top ten fastest internet countries. Among these we have the top five countries with fastest internet speeds in the European Union as Sweden with an average connection speed of 14.6 Mbps, Switzerland at 14.5 Mbps per second, Netherlands at 14.4 Mbps per second, Latvia with 13.0 Mbps per second and lastly Ireland with 13.9 Mbps.


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Sweden has led on the battle for average internet speed connections with about 14.6 Mbps. It has exhibited very high rate of growth in the internet connection speeds over the recent years. There is always a record progress in their internet connection speed every year. Over 94% of Swedish population uses the internet which is majorly provided by Com Herm Company.


Switzerland is the second country with the fastest internet speed in European Union with about 14.5 mega byte per second of speed. Over 85% of the population in Switzerland uses the internet with slightly over half of them subscribing to the fixed broadband provided by Cablecom Company. About 40% of the internet users in this country are subscribed to mobile broadband connection provided by Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt orange companies.


Netherlands come third in the battle for internet connection speeds in the European Union with an average internet connection speed of 14.4 Mbps. The country has a high number of internet subscribers connected via cable connection, close to 41% of total internet users. Netherlands also has Fiber optic internet connections in more than half of its 408 municipalities. This country is said to have one of the most reliable internet connections in the European Union region.


Latvia is a very small country with an average internet connection speed of 13.0 Mbps. Latvia started experiencing growth in the internet sector from as early as 1999 when prices for dial up access services began to go low. Currently the country is fourth in European Union and top seventh in average internet connection speed in the world. There are a number of mobile broadband providers in the country and the presence of free Wi-Fi connections is rapidly increasing as well.


Ireland has one of the best and growing technology and internet sectors in the European region. The country experiences an average connection speed of 12.7 Mbps. The largest provider of internet connection in Ireland is the Eir Company. The company is preparing to provide its users very high speed broadband internet connections of close to 1000Mbps.

Final thoughts

With the current trends in e-commerce, growth of social media and online financial services, the sector of Internet connection in European Union and around the world is rapidly growing. No country wants to be left behind in this battle for online accessibility. Every nation is investing relentlessly to provide fastest internet speeds for its citizens.