Top 5 New IOS Apps – Free

If you like to stay ahead of your buddies when it comes to finding popular mobile apps, tracking data from the iTunes store is a great way to find hot downloads. As we all know there are millions of apps that have been created over a spectrum of different subject matters.

While your friends might still be playing Candy Crush or Angry Birds, you can be onto the hip and happening apps that are currently zooming up the popularity charts. And guess what? The team have check out the latest apps to hit the iTunes store and listed 5 of them here for you to take a look at. So why not check out the following list of popular iOS apps to see which ones you like enough to show off to your cronies.

AAA Bad or Luck Slots

Offered by Elisa Carvelho, the AAA Bad or Luck Slots app is extremely popular with American iOS users. This free download mimics the spinning wheels of a slot machine and lets you bet virtual money to accrue points. If you hanker for the sound of slot machines spewing out loads of coins, this hot casino app might be to your liking.

ABC4 Pollen

Available via Nexstar Publishing, the ABC4 Pollen app is essential for tracking pollen counts in your neighbourhood. If you (or someone in your family) suffer from allergies, this free app just might bring you more comfort than a box of tissues and some antihistamine.

ABC Tourismo

Developed by Andre Kouri, the ABC Tourismo application is a fan favourite amongst gamers. You can race in foreign locales as you attempt to accumulate points and send your competitors scurrying away in defeat.

Ace Pyramid Slots

Offered by Cristhine Martins, the Ace Pyramid Slots app lets you play an imaginary slot machine in a virtual casino. You can risk pretend money, rack up high scores, and never worry about losing ‘your shirt’ with this fun gaming application.

Active Globe

If you have had enough of playing mobile games on your iPhone or iPad, the Active Globe app might make for an interesting change of pace. Currently popular with American iOS enthusiasts, this free download lets you track the accumulated distance that you walk, run, swim, or cycle. You can get your behind off of the couch, yet still keep your smartphone handy with this application installed. This tracking download does use the GPS functionality of your smartphone, so your phone’s battery life might be slightly compromised. Be sure to keep your charger close at hand, in the car, at home and in the work place!

These are just five of numerous mobile apps that are currently trending with American iOS users, as I said at the start there are millions of apps, and plenty being launched each and every single day. From pollen checkers to gambling games, there are definitely a wide variety of applications that U.S. smartphone users are downloading right now.

Do you think any of these downloads will make it onto your favourites list anytime soon?



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