Top Automation Tools To Test Your Android Applications

Automated tests have been a norm in the software testing industry. These tests have minimized the chances of human errors in the testing procedure. Moreover, they streamline the entire process by reducing the time taken and increasing the efficiency levels. These open source automation tools for testing mobile applications can be used for any platform, be it Android or iOS.

The market is inflated with such automation tools. While some of them are trustworthy others may prove to be a hoax. It is quite a daunting task for the testers to make a right decision and choose the tool that equals the requirements of a particular project. As a matter of fact, you need to be objective in your approach and find the tools that are tailor-made for your project. Take a pilot test and select the best tools.


The top 5 automation tools that you may consider for Android applications Development are:

1. Appium:

This is an open source automation tool for testing Android application for version 2.3 onwards. For automation of Android app testing, it uses Google’s UI Automator Library and the advanced WebDriver interface. The UI Automator Library produces detailed reports for different Android platforms. It can automate mobile web apps, native, and hybrid apps by using the languages like Java, C#, and Ruby. Furthermore, it can be used in any testing framework.

2. Ranorex:

If you are working on an earlier version of Android including 2.2, then you can use this popular automation tool called Ranorex. It is easier to use and you can conduct data-driven tests using it. The only drawback is that it is a commercial tool and is somewhat slow in working. The strong point of Ranorex is its ability to produce detailed reports including the screenshots.

3. Robotium:

Well, this is a free tool suitable for a multitude of Android versions and sub versions. It can be described as a library of automated unit tests written in Java. It requires the users to work with the source code of program to automate the test environment. Robotium does not offer the record function but it has the write function and various user acceptance tests through this automation test tool.

4. Selendroid:

It can be used to write client API tests and commence the user interface of Android hybrid as well as native apps. It is compatible with JSON protocol and has the capacity to interact with multiple devices at a time. It can find effective UI elements by using various locators and you can also check the current status of User Interface integrated into your mobile application.

5. Monkey Runner:

It is a popular automation tool that provides API to write the programs for Android devices. It writes the tests in Python and it can easily control multiple Android devices at a single time. Monkey Runner is equally successful for running the functional testing as well as regressive testing without a need of the source code.

Since automation is a specialized niche, you must be abreast with all these latest technological tools and applications that may simplify your job.


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