TV Trends to Look Forward to In 2016

Whether the manufacturers want to admit it or not, they all look at the same numbers when they plan their strategy for the next year. This is true of TV manufacturers as well and judging by their current moves, you can easily predict what they all will be concentrating on in the months to come. Today, we will be looking at the TV tech trends that you will be seeing in 2016. Hopefully, this will also help you get the most bang for your buck, so to say.

Curved May Not Be All That

At one point, it seemed that flat TVs are all but history. All major manufacturers started rolling out their curved solutions and they looked so cool. They still do, there is no doubt about that. Unfortunately, at the moment it seems that everything else they promised about curved TVs is just not true. The contrast is not that much better, the field of view is not that much wider and the experience is not that much more immersive. In short, curved TVs are looking more and more like nothing but a gimmick. An expensive gimmick at that.

TV Trends to Look Forward to In 2016

Until this has been properly sorted out, stick with the flat TV. 2016 is definitely not the year of the curved TV. It’s looking less and less there will ever be a year of the curved TV.

It’s Still not Time for 8K

It took very little time for people to start fantasizing about 8K. 4K seemingly stopped being “the thing” even before it really caught on. We have all seen how great 4K TVs are; imagine how amazing 8K will be! In reality, however, things are a bit different. Namely, due to some serious manufacturing processes and innovations that have to be employed in order to make 8K TVs, they are still insanely expensive and reserved only for the most affluent among us. For instance, it is still very difficult to find an 8K TV that will cost you less than $100,000 and that’s a hefty price tag no matter how you look at it.

This is why 2016 will still be the year of 4K. Especially since more and more channels will actually start offering 4K programming (be smart and do some serious broadband bundles comparison here). 8K programming is not even on the horizon yet.

3D Might Still Be Alive

Everyone was talking about 3D some time ago. Back in 2013, people were going insane over 3D TVs and the new technologies. Over the last two years or so, the enthusiasm has waned and more and more people have started ignoring 3D TVs altogether. They may have been a bit premature. Namely, there are quite a few new breakthroughs in the 3D technology (3D without glasses, for instance) and it is still quite possible that 3D has some more aces in its sleeve. On top of all that, the prices are dropping and most new movies come out in 3D Blu-ray as well.

In short, keep your eyes open for 3D TVs in the year 2016. They might turn out to be the best choice in the end.


The main difference between LCD and OLED TVs is in the way they are illuminated. With LCD televisions, pixels are illuminated en-masse, while in the OLED TVs, every pixel gets its own light source. You would think that this is the way of the future, right? Well, not exactly. The renowned CNET website recently did a comparison between the two formats and they came to a conclusion that LCD TVs are better when it came to refresh rates, color gamut and even brightness. When you consider the fact that OLED TVs are more than 10 times more expensive than LCD TVs, it becomes quite obvious who the winner is.

Do not trust the hype. In 2016, go for LED and not for OLED.