Useful Websites To Know About GST

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a multistage, comprehensive, destination-based tax. The tax is levied on each value addition stage in the supply chain management. The new tax has replaced all other indirect taxes that have existed in India.

GST will provide several benefits with a single tax regime. It will be beneficial in eliminating the cascading tax effect. The new tax regulation will have lesser compliances encouraging regulation of the unorganized sector. The higher registration threshold and composition scheme will be beneficial for small businesses.

It is highly probable that you may have several questions related to GST. There are several beneficial resources are available that offer useful information about the new tax regime. Here are seven such beneficial sites.

Useful Websites To Know About GST

1.    GST India

The country has witnessed a huge revolution within its indirect tax structure. The new single tax rule will benefit the Indian market and reduce the costs for the final consumers. With about 32 posts each week, provides plenty of information related to this new tax regime.

2.    GST Edge

This blog is beneficial in assisting you to gain a thorough and deep understanding on GST. The is a cloud-linked resource that offers a one-stop solution to help you comply with all the procedures related to GST.

3.    GST Helpline

The GST Helpline is an official blog that offers all current news and updates related to the new tax regime. It is powered by SAG Infotech Pvt. Ltd. and publishes about five new posts every week.

4.    Clear Tax GST

ClearTax is a financial technology company with a team of experienced engineering personnel. In addition, it hires financial experts and chartered accountants.

5.    Tally Solutions GST

Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading business software service providers. A large number of businesses of every size and in different industries use Tally for their accounting purposes. With about two new weekly posts, Tally Solutions is useful in learning all about the new Goods and Services Tax.

6.    SAG Infotech

SAG Infotech offers professional tax software solutions for certified public accountants (CPAs), tax professionals, accountants, and GST experts.

7.    Jio GST

This website is one of the best resources available to get all news and updates about GST. The knowledge center provides beneficial information about registration and provisions and answers some of the most common questions. This online resource also offers you all the information needed to comply with the GST rules and regulations. In addition, you may view videos and demos to ensure you understand everything about complying with GST. Jio GST also offers an entire ecosystem that provides you professional service providers that are close to your location. All these knowledgeable experts are able to provide you with clear and up-to-date GST news. The integrated software is a one-stop solution to comply with accounting, taxation, filing, and other rules and regulations related to GST.

You will be able to find all the latest news on this GST website.

The new tax regime is anticipated to improve collections and boost the economic development in India. The uniform tax structure is expected to eliminate barriers to trade therefore boosting the growth of our economy.