Using Labeley App to Create Unique Labels For Your Brand

Starting a business is surely exciting, but it’s also an incredibly challenging undertaking. There are numerous challenges that face every business. For instance, while it is certainly important for a product to be of good quality, it also needs to have a unique label in order to build and establish its distinct brand identity.

Labels are significant factors in triggering someone to buy a particular product. One look at a label can be crucial for a buyer to purchase something or not. Some people like old-fashioned designs, while others are attracted to simple and modern designs.

Whether you’re planning to start a beverage, food, fashion or cosmetics business, you’ll undoubtedly need a label for your product. Instead of hiring a designer to create a label design for your brand, you can save some money by using Labeley app to create custom labels that will meet all your specific business needs, and you can do this all by yourself.

Labeley is a free online tool for designing perfect labels for your product. Its simple-to-use interface doesn’t require any particular design skills, and yet it allows you to customize every aspect of the label, starting with its shape, color, graphics and font. Since it’s totally free, everyone with an access to a computer and Internet connection can use it and create their first design, without even creating an account.

Depending on the target audience, you can now play with Labeley and decide how your design will look, or create several label versions for different targets.

How to get started with Labeley?

Go to the tool’s main page ( and click on the green Start Designing button. Then you can choose one of the four label categories.


Let’s say you choose to create a label for your wine. Once the label creator opens, you’ll notice six design elements (shape, border, background, graphic, uploading a photo from your computer, and adding text) that Labeley offers for creating label designs. The first step is to select the shape you like the most.



If you want your label to have a border, you can choose from several border designs that Labeley provides. You can, of course, skip this step if you prefer your label without a border. Next, you can choose how the background will look. You can just pick a color for your label or you can also choose one of the offered background styles.

For a more personalized look, you can jump to step number six and upload any image from your computer that you would like to be set as your label background.


Now you can click on Graphic and explore the gallery of beautiful illustrations. If none of the graphics seem suitable for your design, you can again go to the Upload option and upload any image that you’d like to use as the main image.

Go to Text to add text to your label design. Labeley offers an option to customize your words by choosing from an extensive list of fonts, colors and styles.


If you don’t like how some particular label element looks on your design, you can always go back by clicking on it, and then modify or delete it.

Within a few minutes you’ll surely be able to design a label you’ll be satisfied with. Just play around with the tool and create a label that everyone will recognize at first sight, and that will make them want to buy your product.