Verify Your Email Lists And Reduce Bounce Rate With

Email verification is one of the most important tasks to be performed by email marketing professionals and website owners who want to increase the deliverability and reduce bounce rate while sending email campaigns to their subscribers.

People who provide email details often make typos and mistakes in web forms. This causes a registration or sign up to have errors.  To get rid of this situation, an email verification process can be carried out.

There are various services out there providing email verification services. is a new entrant providing a-la-carte email verification service. EmailVerify is an online tool where you can clean up your email lists and help to reduce bounce rates.

With you can filter bad vs. good email addresses using a built-in technology that will analyze each email address checking more than 7 inherent features from the email address, like syntax, domain name, MX entries, and more. Essentially the process of email verification involves:

  • Email Address Syntax Check. The tool check against valid email addresses accordingly to the IETF Standards.
  • Domain check and MX Record Check. This step of the process can help to determine if a domain name is valid or is properly configured as an email server. If an email check passes the syntax format, but the domain name didn’t exist or is not yet registered, then this check could help to filter those emails with a good syntax but fails in the domain check part.
  • Role Based Email Addresses. It is well known that emails delivered to role-based addresses can impact in your deliverability. In this step, the verification determine the emails from the list having role based email addresses.
  • Disposable Email Addresses. Detecting the disposable email addresses could help to prevent sending emails to an inbox that won’t exist after a certain number of days (or that will bounce next week). Email checkers that detect disposable email address can help to prevent sending emails to an address that won’t exist.

How the email verification process works?

All you have to do is to upload the raw list to the tool via the web interface or API and then EmailVerify will process the list giving a healthy email list that will be ready for sending campaigns to your users.

Using the healthy list you can compare it with your user base in your own database (either if you use a custom site or it is a WordPress site) and start sending email campaigns to valid email addresses.

There are a variety of email verification techniques and algorithms, each service has its own proprietary techniques, however a robust and solid email verification process can help to achieve high accurate results.

While looking for the best email verification tool could be an unending task, EmailVerify offers all you need to start cleaning your lists with valid email addresses. Taking care of your email lists could help to achieve higher sender score and deliverability rates. Hence, this can definitely help your email campaigns or newsletter to reach more subscribers and hit the subscriber’s inbox.