Web Designing Tips For The Beginners

It is common for beginner web designers to face challenges as they learn to design websites. Although anyone can learn to design to code or design a website, there are common strategies that the best designers normally utilize in order to improve their design skills. Currently, the professional websites need to only the visual design skills but also coding knowledge of different languages. Moreover, designing a website will often need one to go through various steps in order to successfully master to create impressive work. Here are some of crucial web design tips for the beginners that will contribute towards you designing a quality website.

 The website should be easy to read

 A quality website needs to be readable. Besides ensuring that the written content is engaging, it is good to ensure that it is simple, and it will encourage the user’s eyes to go throw it effortlessly. As such, you need to choose the best fonts, have good line paragraph height. In selecting your font, you need to put in mind that large fonts decrease legibility while small fonts make it difficult to see. The recommended font size is 14 pixels. The line height of paragraph tags should also be 1.5em


Image Source: spyderweb.co

Website Graphics should be Small and Few

While large graphics reduces the amount of space that is available for other crucial content, smaller images will enable you to incorporate images in order to enhance the content of the web page without having to overwhelm the user. Also you should not have too many graphics since they consume a lot of time while downloading, and thus irritating the users. It is recommended that the file size of the graphics should be as small as possible, and this can be achieved through lossless compression formats, if it is necessary.

 Use Whitespace Effectively

Whitespace includes the areas of a web that do not have content, graphics or any other media. More importantly, the space need not be white in color. It is important to have a white space since this will help your website visitor to go through the content as well as to assist them to emphasize on some sections. Similarly, spacing around the graphics provides an opportunity for the images to stand aside from the written content as well as provides a supplement to the information that is found in the page.

 Use of easy and simple Navigation techniques

It is important while designing a website to ensure that it is properly linked in order to allow the search engines to find the webpages that are located in the site. This could be through use of text links that will help the users together with the search engines to navigate through the website easily. It is also important to have a search feature that will assist the users to navigate through the website.

 Have a Responsive Design

Having a Responsive website means that the website can adapt to different screen sizes. Basically, a responsive web page has components that are capable of growing and shrinking with regard to the size of user’s viewing area. Responsive design is crucial since it helps in preventing users on the mobile phone need to always zoom to be in a position to view the content. Alternatively you can incorporate different versions of the same website, that is, a version for desktops and laptops, tablets, and phones.



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