What All It Takes To Become the Best Web Hosting Reseller?

The term reselling is easy to understand mainly when a company tries to sell their own resources to other users’ or other companies. In the same way, most web hosting companies offer reseller packages to customers, that can be resell in the market. In such hosting type there is a great benefit to those who may be interested in starting their own reseller hosting business. Before you choose to become a web hosting reseller, determine all the information to know whether it could work for you or not. Few points are mentioned below that help you to understand how to become a best web host reseller.


About Reseller Web Host

There are many reseller hosts that charge on per client basis. The process works in manner, whenever a reseller adds a new customer in the package, then the reseller charges a certain rate. In a reseller hosting package, a single server is distributed among multiple users just as similar to the shared hosting, but here you have the option to earn through reselling of host accounts. The features of the reseller hosting depends on the host company you choose, generally users’ will get following services:

  • Access to use your own web hosting company with the parent hosting company or for reselling purpose.
  • Full control to configure different hosting accounts
  • Limited disc space and bandwidth
  • Domain name hosting, email accounts, control panels, and monitoring tools

Reseller of hosting services is also dependent on the internet to sell their services. You can easily find plenty of options for reseller hosts through the online means that is an easiest way to contact them. In common, there are few references that work as a reseller to offer web hosting solution to their clients – they are internet marketing consultants, programmers, and web designers. There are many companies that purchase hosting accounts in bulk they offer it at discounted rates, in total you can get a good deal at reliable price.


How to start a Reseller Hosting Business?

Many people know about reseller hosting and its advantage, but one thing that most of us are not aware of how to start a business using reseller hosting accounts. If you have an interest in business and want to start your own web host company, then reseller is a best choice for you. It’s a option that is suitable for those who are in a related industry such as web designing, internet marketing, etc. You can easily make your own customers but you have to understand what it takes to run your own web hosting company, or how to start. Web hosting companies that offer reseller hosting make it extremely easy.

Follow these easy steps to start a hosting business:

First of all do some analysis on web hosting companies to know which ones offer reseller hosting. When you are decided with the firm, then consider how much customers’ you want to add to your company. This will also helpful you to know what hosting package you will need. Again, you have to make a decision what types and size of hosting services you will offer to your customers’, also determine the price you will sell host accounts. Try to make a comparison in between two different facilities already doing business, this way you can judge the best that suit your needs and your budget. Finally, you can start a reseller package by creating an account on a hosting platform. Always aim to provide the best customer support facility to your customers’ to achieve their trust.


Web hosting services are the core need of all kinds of business that run online. The reseller hosting plan is a great choice for those who want to start their own business and want to offer hosting packages to customers. Make a wise selection during the initial stages because this is the only way you’d gain through the business.