What Makes Tinder Come Forward?

Tinder is the most popular app for seeking the love of the whole life. Its legendary swipe has become an icon for present-day dating apps. After Tinder was released in 2012, over one billion matches have been made by real users aged between 18 and 34.

It has soon become a star to steer to emulate such success. Nowadays more and more app entrepreneurs are trying hard to develop an app like Tinder. Let’s hop over what makes Tinder so popular.

How does Tinder work?

Tinder is a free dating app for iOS and Android. Unlike any other dating apps, Tinder picks up people relying on geographical proximity. To start a conversation, you need to gate a mutual match. Swiping the photos right (Yes) or left (No) makes the Tinder love magic.

The app uses Facebook accounts to analyze user data including common interests, geographical location, and mutual friends for better matches. Mutual swipes mean a match and you can get to the next stage – Private Chat.

To narrow the search, you can specify the age range and gender. If there is someone meeting your requirements, Tinder will alert you and you can swipe it. Who knows, maybe the love of the whole life lives next to you.

The key to its remarkable success lies in its simplicity and visually-appealing design. The registration process is smooth. You can log in with Facebook. Facebook profiles are used to create a Tinder profile to start a “swipe game”. You can manage your profile by adding or deleting the entries.

Where is Tinder available?

Did you know that Tinder is available in more than 190 countries all around the world? Still, Tinder isn’t the most popular dating app. There is Badoo that tops the charts in 21 of the world’s biggest countries. According to the latest research, Tinder is a number-one dating app in 18 countries.

App Features


Registration is easy and hassle-free allowing to log in with a Facebook account. Tinder pulls all the necessary data to build a personal profile and collect info for matching. The users can set special filters to discover people of certain age and sex nearby.


Geolocation is something that makes Tinder special. The app uses GPS tracking to find people matching your requirements.

Private Chat

One you’re matched with someone, you can start a conversation with them or share funny GIFs. Your message number isn’t limited, and, moreover, messages are free.


While using Tinder, all you need is to swipe left (reject) or right (like) people. Also, you can open a user profile to find out more information, and then decide what to do – reject or like.

Share with a friend

Tinder has become more social allowing to share an individual with your friend.

Find a friend

Recently, Tinder was updated, and no the app allows finding a group of friends to hang out together. But to enable this function, you have to create a group with at least one friend.

Some extra features such as Super-Like, location change, unlimited right swipes, etc. are available only in the premium version – Tinder Plus.


If you do like someone, you can send an individual a Super-Like. You only have a couple of Super-Likes a day, then you have got two options to wait a day or two or buy them. And if you download Tinder Plus, you get more Super-Likes.


To make your profile the top one in the area, you can get boosts. Boosts can result in more matches. A single boost is £3.99, but there is some merit in buying a bunch of boosts to save a pretty penny.

Tinder Plus

It’s the premium version with sophisticated functionality including rewind on swipes (it comes handy, especially if you swipe the WRONG person). The version unlocks most of the paid features. You have to pay £4.99/month, but again, it’s more beneficial to take out an annual subscription.

Assuming that you want to build something more than just a Tinder clone, consider developing few more features:
More elaborate matching algorithms (probably, taking the benefits of the AI)
– Social media integrations
– Anonymity
– More engaging functions
– Match suggestions
– Protection from spam, abuse, and uncensored content
– In-app purchases

What stands behind Tinder?

The features mentioned above are only a visual part of the app, but what tech stack is behind Tinder success. The app is a result of hard works involving over 1000 development hours to develop such an app for a single platform.

Technology stack for Tinder was written in:

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • HTML5

Tinder developers used AWS mobile platforms to build and test the app in the close-to-reality condition.

To detect your location, Tinder uses GPS or WiFI data. MongoDB and Redis are used as scalable database environments. To ensure the highest level of transaction security, Tinder encompasses GoDaddySLS certificates.

Now you have a clear vision of how Tinder works and what features make it stand out among others dating app. Have you developed an app like Tinder? Share your experience with us in the comments below.