When And How to Upgrade The RAM on Your Computer

RAM or Random Access Memory is an essential part of the computer configuration. It is required to run multiple programs and applications at the same point of time. The more RAM is installed; the more programmes would be able to run smoothly without lags and crashes. However, one should understand the fact that the RAM should be purchased according to the task usage on our computer systems. For example, using the computer for browsing few websites and managing office documents and purchasing 8 GB RAM would be the waste of RAM resource.

Random-access memory

When to Upgrade the RAM

If you have recently changed your work structure and are using the computer intensive applications like video or sound editing software, format conversion software, high-resolution games, rendering applications, etc., you might have noticed a lag while switching between the applications. This happens due to low RAM availability. Adding more RAM would improve the multitasking experience.

You may visit the task manager in the computer and monitor the RAM usage fluctuation in between using the programmes. In case the green area of the bar touches the peak point usually, it is the time that you should upgrade the RAM. Please note that adding a RAM would only make a difference in case your previous RAM configuration was not adequate.

How To Upgrade the RAM

Visit the control panel or settings panel of your operating system. You would find the RAM information mentioned in there. Your computer might have one or two RAM slots assigned. In case of one slot, you need to replace the RAM while, for two slots, you can add RAM to the empty port.

You need to confirm the RAM chip compatibility with a technical expert. However, the system specifications would also be mentioned on the box of RAM. You may also search the compatible RAM by using the Google with the keyword pattern –  “MODEL CODE + BRAND + RAM”.

Take off the screws of your computer’s shell cage or take an assistance of an expert at the repair shop. RAM and ports are quite delicate and sensitive. A careless touch on the pins might damage the port as well as the RAM.

Remove all the electric connections and wear the rubber gloves. Hold the corners of the RAM and gently put it in the slot. Put the electric connections back after assembling the cage. Start the computer and go to the settings or control panel. You would be able to locate the new RAM value.