Why Motorola and Nexus Devices are the Best Android Series Smartphones?

Android is an Open Source Smartphone Operating System developed by Google. Being an Open Source Operating System, it has been really popular among lots of Smartphone OEMs across the globe. Due to its high adaptation, currently the whole ecosystem of this Operating System is highly mature and giving a good fight to iOS.


Google has been working consistently and quickly towards making this OS as light and as good as it can be. Though hardware requirements for running this OS is very high but still due to its higher penetration among the smartphone users, OEMs are able to provide a high-end hardware smartphones in lower price range. These days even a smartphone available at 5000 INR has a Quad Core Processor and 5MP of camera.

There is a major turn off which we have heard from many of the smartphone users. They say that it lags and it lags a lot. I have seen some of the smartphones where it takes nearly 5 seconds to just open the lock screen, I wonder how do they manage with these devices. However, the important question is, should we blame Google for all this? It Google not focusing over this major issues on their OS?

The answer to above question is really simple. The Android developed by Google is not slow. Google has been taking care of this problem since their Buttermilk project. Then why does my Samsung Galaxy Grand lags?

This is because your Samsung Galaxy Grand does not have the original version of Android. These popular smartphone OEMs such as Samsung or HTC or Sony or any other OEM (apart from Nexus series devices and Motorola devices) install a heavy skin over this original Android. Just to make that look good. The kind of flashy themes you see on different Android devices are the reason of making your smartphone slow.

Not only this, you might have also seen some of the preinstalled applications, which are installed on your smartphones and can never be deleted. These applications are also called bloatware and they are also highly responsible for making your device slow. Even though nobody ever uses them but they are always available on your smartphone, acquiring a significant amount of space from your internal memory and RAM memory.

If you really want a smartphone which should never lag then Motorola or Nexus series Android smartphones are the best. They have the original version of Android with any bloatware or any skin, thus making it one of the best devices in terms of performance. If you have any other question in your mind then don’t hesitate to put them here in the comments section.