Why Your Company Needs An App

If you are an owner of any kind of business, whether it is a huge corporation that employs thousands or a small local business where you and a few members of your family are looking to make it big, you already know the importance of promoting your brand and getting closer to your customers and your potential customers. In today’s business climate, this has become easier than ever before, and not a moment too late considering even small local businesses have to compete with the big players.

One of the ways in which a company can increase their customer base and make it more loyal is through the use of apps that they would develop (or have developed) and that people would then use on their mobile devices. This is our topic for the day and we will do our best to explain why business owners should definitely consider launching an app for their business.

Why Your Company Needs An App

The Issue of Money

Before we even start talking about why businesses should have an app, we should address an issue that is probably the main reason why most business owners (especially small business owners who work with a limited budget) decide against an app. This issue, of course, is money.

And really, if a business owner was to approach an average app development agency, they would incur quite an expense in the end. Depending on the features the app would boast, whether it was an active or passive app and so on, the costs could go all the way up to $25,000 or even more. For a small, local business, this is simply too much.

The good news is that it is possible to get an app for much less, if you decide to go with an app builder service where you are provided with a backbone, a template for the app which you then modify to suit your needs and your brand. In short, with such a solution, building an app is really not that expensive.

But why go to all that trouble?

Your Business Will Stand Out

For the purposes of this part of our text, let’s imagine that you live in a city of 200,000 people and you run a car repair shop. It is a small outfit, with you and five more people working in it. There is about 25 car repair shops just like your one, with similar prices, similar level of service and everything. It can seem that you can do very little to make your car repair shop stand out from the rest, but that is exactly where an app can help.

An undecided customer will choose you because of your app. For one, you will seem like a much more professional business and your app will also provide content and features that your customers will know how to appreciate and use.

You Will Get Closer to Your Customers

Another great reason for having an app is that you will be able to get much closer to your customers. Once they download your app, it will be on their mobile device and over time, your logo and your app will become a part of their daily routine. They might not even notice it. On a more conscious level, having an app will allow you to provide your customers with the customer service they deserve as they will be able to contact you whenever they feel like it.

In addition to this, you will also be able to use this “closeness” to do some direct marketing for your business. For instance, when you decide to have a sale or any other kind of action that your customers might be interested in, you can send them a notification and let them know what is happening. One word of warning, though – do not overdo it with this. People are quick to remove apps if they feel they are becoming too aggressive.

You Will Offer More To Your Customers

In the end, however, it all comes down to providing more to your customers than your competition is. We will go back to the example we used previously in the text, the one where you run a car repair shop. With an app, for example, you can have a feature where a message is sent to your customer once their car is repaired. You can make this automatic; letting your app inform them they can pick their car up. This is just one example of how an app allows you to make your business better and more attractive to customers.

You cannot afford not to do this.