Windows 8.1 – better than Android?

Few years back, it was being debated if Nokia should’ve gone with Android instead of having Windows operating system because at that time Windows was nowhere in comparison to Android. However, that quickly changed and those opposing Windows were made to eat their words. Windows success, especially Windows 8 success on mobile phones is largely attributed to Nokia Lumia series – a trend setting device. Since their steady growth in 2012 and early 2013, Microsoft have not looked back and have built on their success.

It is not just about the OS now. Windows is also boosting their credentials in the app world too, and just recently they surpassed 250,000 apps in their app store. Still a long way away from Android and Apple but they’re gaining ground. And there is every reason to believe that they will do well in the app world.


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Here are some reasons why the latest version of Windows (8.1) is an attractive catch and why it might be better than Android in some regards.

A more personalized feeling

Most of the times, an Android and iOS user feels it the same thing over and over again. However Windows OS, particularly Windows 8.1 offers you a very personalized feeling with its interface. The interface is fresh, unique and easy. It is also highly customizable. After you setup your phone completely, your Windows 8.1 phone is sure to be different than other Windows 8.1 phones. The personalization is not limited to screen view only; it also expands to other services including communication methods. The personalization and communication methods in Windows 8.1 are above and beyond!

Stable and secure platform

Windows phone, any Windows phone has a more secure and stable platform. Not only does a Windows phone have lesser glitches and bugs, it also offers great compatibility with Microsoft products – as you’d expect. Some experts say that Windows is the best phone to have in an enterprise as it is the most convenient to use in an office. Android and iOS phones might offer less support with MS Office and other programs and they are known to be less secure.

Apps and updates unique and coming out steadily

Windows 8.1 apps are designed in the typography based Metro language – which is a Microsoft only product. So if you phone is not Windows based it won’t have that unique touch. Having an Android and iOS will completely ruin the Metro effect. Metro is not only secure but also graphically very strong. If you have a thing for playing games on your mobile, then you will find Metro experience quite wonderful.

Also, the updates for Windows have been coming in thick and fast since 2012. The developers have been working hard to make Windows app store loaded. You will find real creativity in some of the Windows-only apps.

Microsoft serious about Windows 8.1 OS growth

Some numbers and reports suggest that Microsoft are working harder on partnership with Lumia phones than making OS for tablets such as Acer (Windows based). Personally, not a big fan of tablets so I’d call it a good move, atleast Microsoft, unlike Android and Apple has their priorities right. With Windows 8.1 Microsoft is looking for steady growth, not rush in numbers. If you are a Windows phone user, you can expect a bright future.


Author Bio :  Nuur Hasan is a software engineer at Gloria9 Technologies. He is obsessed with technology especially smartphones. Nuur is a regular blogger and thinks that sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge can lead to more creativity in the tech field. His other interests include cricket, politics, Doctor Who and reading fiction.